Monthly archives: August 2014

First website update!

As you will see if you were here the last week, I’ve been making some changes to the look of the web and its functionality.

  • A sidebar with a pair of widgets (search and latest posts).
  • Configured the Jetpack plugin.
  • Help pages of each app are ready for me to start writing them, and for all of you to start asking!.

The next things to come are:

  • Compliance with coding standars
  • Upload theme alpha version to Github
  • Upload theme to WordPress theme directory

I’m not pretty sure, but fridays may be tutorial’s day. What do you think?

Hello world… Again!

Good news everyone!

Hello world in PHP

Hello, World!

After some time having this website godforsaken at google sites, I’m giving a serious try to WordPress.

By serious I mean I am digging into it to the point the theme you are seeing here is my current work in progress. As it may happen to you, I started thinking I need a blog to keep me engaged in the android development world, let’s make it easy to not waste my time. I’ll choose a simple theme and start blogging in a few days. Then it became I’ll tweak this WordPress theme to fit my needs, and then it became This is so f%$#ed up, I’ll start from scratch, or to be precise, from bones. So I decided to make a WordPress theme specially crafted for android developers. Cool, isn’t it?.

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