Hello world… Again!

Good news everyone!

Hello world in PHP

Hello, World!

After some time having this website godforsaken at google sites, I’m giving a serious try to WordPress.

By serious I mean I am digging into it to the point the theme you are seeing here is my current work in progress. As it may happen to you, I started thinking I need a blog to keep me engaged in the android development world, let’s make it easy to not waste my time. I’ll choose a simple theme and start blogging in a few days. Then it became I’ll tweak this WordPress theme to fit my needs, and then it became This is so f%$#ed up, I’ll start from scratch, or to be precise, from bones. So I decided to make a WordPress theme specially crafted for android developers. Cool, isn’t it?.

So expect for the next days to have a lot of things to come and change. First I will focus on the website and its blog, as I think it will create a strong synergy with my android apps development.

Let’s get specific. In the following days, you will find around here:

  • Blog posts about current progress. Expect lots of rage rants. I’ll try to show some love but I don’t promise anything :D
  • Tutorials! How to mix Linux Mint, Eclipse, Git, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, Susy, making a WordPress theme and using it with a Nginx at a DigitalOcean server… and not going crazy. Well… or going crazy. I don’t give a sh&%# about your mental health. :P
  • This theme’s first commit at github, as a start to eventually publishing it at the WordPress theme directory. It may be a long ride, and you are welcome.
  • Website updates, as this website will be a test bed for the new android developer theme.
  • Suprimingos. Louds of suprimingos.

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